SomewhereSoft.com was born in 2004 as a result of the creation of the flagship application Our Software. Our Software started as a personal project of mine to see if I could develop a useful program that would help make an intelligent choice when selecting powerball numbers. The project grew from a small personal project into a very useful program with some very surprising results.

After several months of work developing embedded management functions of Our Software, I started testing several prediction algorithms I had developed while working on the main application framework. As the development process started to wind down, I started to focus on, and test, the prediction capabilities of Our Software. Needless to say, I was very surprised to discover that I was onto something. The results I obtained when comparing actual drawing data to the numbers produced by Our Software proved that Our Software was much better at determining which numbers would be drawn during any given powerball drawing then traditional superstition methods. However, there is still a large amount a "luck" involved.

The goal of my company is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. I work hard to earn my money, and I am very frugal when spending it. The applications found here will always be applications that I myself would spend my money on.

Feedback is always welcome. Thanks for taking the time to look around:


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