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Our Software is available for download after a very long development cycle. PBM Client V2.0 has gone through a major upgrade with many new features and additions that make the program more user friendly and accurate when predicting which numbers are likely to be drawn.

PBM Client still supports MySQL and provides a DBFile option for those that do not the overhead of installing and maintaining MySQL on thier computers.

Updating and maintaining the database has been made more easy with the addition of a one touch update process. With a simple button press, PBM Client will download the latest table updates and automatically update the database tables.

There are two new number selection screens. One is graphic, and contains two bar graphs. The first graph displays each number and it frequency. Hot numbers red bars while cold numbers have white bars. As numbers are selected for a drawing number set, the second bar graph displays the top 20 numbers most likely to be drawn with the selected numbers. The bars on that graph range from 1 to 4. The higher the bar, the more hot numbers that particular number has been matched with. This window can be view HERE and HERE.

The second number selection window has a single bar graph and tables that allows the user to view the raw table data when selecting number sets. That table can be viewed here HERE.

PBM Client's number selection algorithm's have been updated. There are four core algorithm's. There are 11 more algorithms that consist of variations and combinations of the core algorithms that total 15 total algorithms numbered "AL1 to AL15". A table titled "ALST" is included in the PBM Clients table set that keeps a running total of the drawings in which any of the algorithms match 4 or 5 numbers and the powerball number. That is with a number depth of 20 and 25. The number depth is the number of not numbers the user wants calculated. So one thing to keep in mind is that there will be some overlap because an algorithm that matched 4 or 5 numbers with a depth of 20 will also match with a depth of 25.

A fully functional 30 day trial version of the software is availale for downlaod on the products page. After 30 days a license will need to be purchased for further use. License are sold for a one year period. License upgrades will be offered at a reduced price.

Feedback is encouraged. There is a multi-purpose form that can be used to send technical support questions, sales questions, and general comments about PBM Client on the support page which is linked to from all of the pages on this site.

This site has not been totally updated for Our Software yet. We are working in cooperation with Artezio software implementation department (more on the company profile and services here). That is an ongoing process that should be completed relatively soon.

One last comment. This upgrade was a total rewrite that involved making PBM Client modular. There are plans to offer drop in modules to support more lottery systems in future. Those will be offered for an small upgrade price that has yet to be determined.

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